001: Why Guerrilla Marketing to Women? The Rise of the Woman Entrepreneur

Wendy Stevens is a bestselling author, speaker and coach that can help you Explode your profits and create terrific results through Guerilla Marketing to Women. She has created multiple seven figures and helped tens of thousands to get to where she is through her approach to marketing.

Her aim is to change the conversation that marketers are having about being successful in marketing to the most powerful, consumable marketplace in U.S. history.


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Make More Sales, Get More Leads, and Have Bigger Profits through her strategies and tactics on how to grow your business through marketing to women.

This podcast is to women, by women, and for women, and with her help and the knowledge she’s gained from years with top marketers, you can start seeing a change in profits today. This podcast is for women and business savvy men who recognize that small adjustments and intelligent marketing choices can explode your profits. Wendy uses actual statistics from today’s marketplace to show how different today’s marketplace is from the past, and how marketing to women is the key to having a successful product or service.

 Wendy’s Story

Wendy was a Division 1 coach at Vanderbilt University with a new view on marketing. She brings her perspective of how to turn teams into champions and applies that to marketing to show you how to grow your profits. She has two kids that she wanted to be home with, but still earn money which drove her into marketing. With a background in athletics, she is always looking for tactics to gain a competitive edge for her team, and once you subscribe to this podcast, you too will be a part of Wendy’s team.

She has worked with the online marketer for Kevin Herrington, the celebrity host of the hit show, “The Shark Tank”, and has a best seller on Amazon.com called “Reverse Google Marketing”. From there she met the “father of Guerilla Marketing” himself, Jay Conrad Levinson, and had the opportunity to co-author his life work, “The Best of Guerilla Marketing”, with Seth Godin. You will learn how, through videos, social media, mobile marketing, to, by, and for women, to explode your business. She will show you how to approach marketing differently when aiming towards women, who think and buy differently from men.


Guerrilla Marketing is about using clever strategies and tactics to get a Madison Avenue result on pennies to the dollar!

Learn how, with Wendy Stevens and her new marketing tactics. Meet an amazing array of experts who will teach you the impact of the purse strings, and the influence of female buyers. With Wendy, learn how to make it easy for women to grasp and spread news about your product, and learn how easy it is to grow your business.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Female baby boomers are the drivers of today’s economy
  • This market is extremely powerful and profitable, if you approach it properly
  • Women control 85% of all consumer purchases made in the U.S.
  • 78% of women use the internet before making a purchase
  • 92% of women pass on information about deals, products, and promotions to people that they know
  • 76% of women want to be part of a special panel or group
  • 81% of women are going to a blog to look at recommendations and referrals before buying a product
  • In the aftermath of the worst extended economic recession since the Great Depression, the old ways of marketing just aren’t working anymore
  • The majority of purchases are influenced by a female, even the purchases made by men
  • Salesmen and marketers need to understand what drives their ideal customer to buy their product

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