019: 1-800 Pet Meds Founder Interview with Lynda Mariano – Part 2 -

Welcome back to part two of an amazing interview. Once again, the incomparable Wendy Stevens has gotten Linda Mariano, a founder of the brilliant company 1-800-petmeds, to take time out of her busy schedule and dig even deeper into her past and into the founding of this great company. Linda takes us back to growing up in a small town, and explains how she left the farm life to create her very own company. She felt she never fit into the farm life, and always wanted more- and that’s exactly what she got. She moved to the very southern tip of Florida, and realized that she had to make something happen.

Linda is the epitome of a mover and shaker. She is a great example to look at and realize, you can’t sit around and wait for something to happen to you. She left home, had a brilliant idea, and started her own company. Her dogs were her inspiration for her company, when she realized she didn’t want to have to lug them into the veterinarian’s office, every time they needed their medication. There was a clear need in the marketplace for convenient, affordable pet medication and she filled that need.

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In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • You have to make things happen, you can’t just sit around and wait
  • Men take the initiative more often than men
  • Women make 85% of all consumer purchases
  • Positive thoughts will keep you moving forward, even in the toughest of times

Her family had a strong animal history, with farmers and veterinarians, everywhere and Linda used those experiences and that knowledge to help. She drew from her own background to create make her way in life. Listen in as Linda talks about what’s next for her, and how she is choosing where to go from here. We all understand Linda’s background of growing up in a male driven business, being the underdogs. Women in today’s marketplace are the underdogs and we have to keep pushing through.

There is some great advice for female entrepreneurs in this interview, and you really cannot miss what Linda has to say. This is how you stay true to yourself, stay a strong, powerful woman, and become successful in a male dominated world. Keep moving forward, keep thinking positive thoughts, and you will successful in your own way. Linda will change your thinking and strengthen your resolve for your business and for your future.

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“We have to break through the mold sometimes, and still be an amazing powerful woman.”
“Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean being any less feminine.”
“Always stay positive and keep moving forward… it’s all going to come out good.”
“If you think negative, it’s going to be negative.”

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