018: 1-800 Pet Meds Founder Interview with Lynda Mariano – Part 1 -

LyndaMariano403x403_quoteThis week we are lucky enough to hear from a very special guest, once again. Wendy has managed to steal some time from the amazing Linda Mariano, one of the original founders of 1-800-petmeds. A true rock star, and a true visionary, this interview was too important to cover in just one week. This is the first part of a two part interview that will change the way you look at your business, and give you huge insight into how to build a company as hugely recognizable as 1-800-petmeds.

Her story will blow you away. She is a true power house, and can teach you how to change your world with a simple idea. Linda grew up on a ranch in a small town, and happened to end up having to take her dogs in to see the vet after she'd moved to Florida. She realized that it was silly to have to take your pet into the vet to get their medication, once a month. The animal industry was very different then, and there was a monopoly on pet pharmaceuticals. Her realization was that there should be an affordable, easy way to get your pets medication without having to lug them around to the veterinarian.

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In this Episode You'll Learn:

  • Your product needs to fill a hole in the marketplace
  • Find a need that you are passionate about and serve that
  • Someone else out there has a similar idea. You have to commit
  • Never leave the scene of a decision
Linda had to learn to push the envelope at a young age, feeling like the black sheep of her family. She didn't fit in the farming or ranching mold and that led her to take huge steps towards changing her life for the better. As a young entrepreneur, Linda has great insight on how to build your business from nothing more than an idea into a big, successful company. This is 1996, which means that she did this in a vastly different world, in which you had much less access to information and resources. They started small and local, but quickly, as people realized how convenient and helpful their service was, expanded to a 25 mile radius and beyond. While the company grew, Linda and her partners came up against new roadblocks and learned to deal with them. The company almost grew too quickly for them, but Linda and her partners overcame and have since expanded into a hugely successful company. Linda's advice can really be the kick in the pants you need. She really impresses on us how vital it is to follow through, and push forward. Even if you hit a speed bump, reach out. The people you know may know how to get you over that, and your commitment is key. It is great to hear from this maverick entrepreneur, and next week will be equally exciting. The wisdom in just one chat will be sure to get you out of your seat and into action- who knows what next week will bring! Tweetables:

"Truly believe in the product that you're selling and follow through and execute. Don't just think about it and let it simmer. You need to push forward." @LyndaMariano

"Don't think about it and stew in the moment because someone out there will get there quicker than you." @LyndaMariano

"Never leave the scene of a decision." @LyndaMariano

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