016: How to Generate Leads Podcasting with Kris Gilbertson

Kris Gilbertson podcasting expert

Welcome to the amazing Podcast, Guerilla Marketing to Women, with the incomparable host, Wendy Stevens, and yet another of her not-to-be-missed guests! Strap on your seatbelts, and grab your pen and paper, because this interview will open your mind even further about the global marketing conversation.

Kris Gilbertson is back with this incredible talk that dives even further into the world of podcasting than her last appearance. Kris hails from the Midwest, and is the epitome of an all over, jack-of-all-trades woman who, like many, was lost in her mid-twenties and found herself in online education. After reaching the top of the corporate ladder, she made a name for herself in finding ways to help people find a job that fits their lifestyle, rather than the other way around.

Using online marketing, Kris is the best at taking an idea and really turning it into a marketable product that lets you create your own lifestyle. Of course, none of this comes easy, but using her experience, Kris can help you earn that first dollar and get over those hurdles to have a great online experience. Even if you aren’t the best writer, Kris explains why video really is the reinvention of business for those whose personalities are their best selling points.

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The internet is the best way to globally extend your reach, and really sell your amazing product. The worlds of podcasts and video are coming out of the wood-works because of that human element. People want to feel that connection, and feel that they are being heard when it comes to the companies they frequent. Women are amazing at this because they are great communicators, referrals, and marketers.

People only buy from people they trust, and this is the best way to make people realize why you are the best of the best. This way, you can reassure clients personally that you are the right product and company for them.

There is no denying that Kris knows her stuff. This is exactly how she has become so successful, and she is sharing that secret in detail with you, today. Make sure and seize this opportunity to get an in depth explanation of how to use podcasts and video to bring people back to your website, and to grow your audience. Podcasts create loyal customers, and reassure people that you are the absolute expert in your product.

Kris Gilbertson has great new ideas and can show you how podcasting can boost your profits and create a loyal following, especially for women.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The average man speaks a third of the words of an average woman.
  • People want to feel connected and heard when it comes to companies they use.
  • Everyone is nervous their first time producing a video or podcast for their business.
  • When it comes to podcasting, statistically, you have 90 seconds to grab the attention of a potential prospect.
  • Podcasting is more forgiving than other forms of marketing.
  • Interviewing other experts can establish your expertise, and create strong, lasting partnerships.
  • A lot of beginners only do 10 minutes a week, and still double their traffic within months of the launches of their show.


“If you can talk, you can generate leads.” @KrisGilbertson @WendyStevens

“When you have a community that loves, respects, and trusts you, you can bring any product to market and have an instant crowd.” @KrisGilbertson @WendyStevens

“[Podcasts] really establish you as the expert in your field.” @KrisGilbertson @WendyStevens

“Once you podcast, it’s available for people to download and listen to, whenever they discover you, whether that’s now or a year from now.” @KrisGilbertson @WendyStevens

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