017: Strategies for Military Families to become Home Owners with Karen Bates


Just in time for Veterans' Day, our expert today has a "top gun" background and made huge differences in the lives of military families. Karen Bates is the CEO and founder of the VApro Network that provides tactics to military families that can help them become home owners.

Karen is a nice girl in a man's world, and can show you how to stay who you are but build an amazing business that lets you help yourself and others. She was chosen to be an air traffic controller in Bermuda after entering the military at 19 years-old, and that experience has changed the way she runs her business. She learned how to find her power and take control of her situation in the military, and has used that to make her business exactly what she wants it to be.

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In this Episode You'll Learn:

  • There's 22 million veterans in the U.S.
  • There are only 1.6 mill VA loans
  • Fewer than 10% of veterans are using their VA benefits
  • There is no cold calling, no door to door, and no using your sphere of influence to do this

Karen has a degree in taxation and accounting after leaving the military, sat down to start doing tax returns, and realized that wasn't what she wanted to do with her life. She and her husband decided to build a business that was what she wanted to do, and helped veterans and relaters alike. Her world was one where you have to be excellent, informed, and up to date to succeed, and training has always been vital. The mortgage world is completely different, but makes a huge difference in people's lives.

Karen talks about how much purchasing power women have, even with military families. They are still the buying decision makers. There is so much to learn from Karen about VA loans and how they affect buying power and your future, and how she saw a great opportunity to make a difference and make a great living. This is her secret, and she is sharing it with you! She hosts boot camps online to teach you how to set yourself apart in your community, and start to build your own business. You start out with an eight hour training course on VA benefits and the full run down of how to give people the absolute best. Honor our veterans, and help make a difference in their lives!

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