023: Eben Pagan Talks Sex, Money & Marketing

Eben Pagan is proof that the classic urban legend of a young guy making millions on the Internet is REAL. Eben is both a urban and a true iconic legend, having co-created, with a small group of pioneers, the information product marketing industry.

He started his first business, actually with an eBook as a dating service advice business. And as a result of really massive success, Eben began teaching people literally around the globe, business marketing and sold over $100 million of informational products and lots of different niches and verticals.

He has dozen employees but 100% virtual company, creating a true lifestyle business. No office, but Eben teaches, trains and coaches people literally around the globe to be able to be successful from a home office and really enjoy their life and their family.

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In this interview, Eben shared with us:

  • The best ways for creating information products to appeal to both men AND women.
  • How to use trigger words or keywords to double or quadruple your conversions
  • Why you should take time to listen to your clients and customers
  • How to maximize the available tools to better your system
  • Why it’s important to identify your clients or customers’ pain points.

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