020: Bridget Chambers: Executive of the Year for 2013

Bridget Chambers is an outstanding and unbelievably true visionary. She has perfected the art of “Turn Around” and the implementation of “Growth Strategies” for small and mid-size business. Bridget is famous for turning obstacles into opportunities. She is known for her executive coaching which is based on innovative leadership and empowerment in order to build or rebuild company and community cultures. Bridget specializes in increasing and diversifying revenue streams, cutting operational waste and optimizing profits which has won her numerous awards including ABA Awards Executive of the Year, Maverick of the Year and Turn Around Executive of the Year. Skilled in disruptive technologies she is able to transform business models. She is the well known author of “Fix It” where she gives “practical advice and actionable strategies”

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In this episode we’ll discover:

  • Mindset to take a team from good to “over the top incredible”.
  • Top characteristics of an empowering leader.
  • Mistakes for women leaders to avoid.
  • How to address global cultural differences.
  • Mega trends in technology.

Brief Description:

Bridget attributes her knowledge of “competitive spirit” , how to “win big” and “win right” by being a good “team player” to her grandfather who created an organization for organized sports fin communities where the opportunities for these activities were scarce. She took with her the mindset that there was no difference between what a girl could do versus what a boy could do into her professional career which enabled her to “get it right” from the very beginning. She looks at any differences as strengths and opportunities. Bridget learned at a young age that a benefit to leadership is being a woman because you offer the opportunity to look at things differently.

Bridget has awe inspiring advice for women leaders that contradicts innate virtues that must be overcome in order to be an effective and powerhouse leader. She values key elements of leadership that are transgender in spirit, truly innovative and practical. Her views on effective leadership and team building, striking balances and future technological trends may just be the advice you need to catapult you from average to “over the top incredible”. Truly a conversation you don’t want to miss!


You can’t lead if you can’t communicate your vision

When you give someone a different way to look at things,  you nurture communication skills for alternative benefits.

Level the playing field. Respect each individual for the contributions they can and will make.

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