014: How to Get Massive Results by Cultivating your Celebrity with Clint Arthur -Part 1-

Clint Arthur graduated from the Wharton School of Business and has since gone on to create amazing businesses and results for dozens of people. Through his coaching programs he helps people get featured on mainstream media and he is also a remarkable author. His #1 Bestselling works include: "The Greatest Book of All Time," The Last Year of Your Life," "Daddy Loves You," and "What they Teach you at the Wharton Business School." It wasn't always a dream life for Clint Arthur. In this podcast he remarks on his amazing journey that started on a boat in Marina del Rey where he decided to change everything. Listen Now:
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In this episode we’ll discover:

  • Why Cultivating Celebrity is so Feasible and Powerful
  • How to Manufacture the Perception of your Celebrity
  • And so much more!
Clint Arthur has undergone such an amazing transformation since 2009 when he decided to live as if it were the last year of his life. Despite the recession, he kept his business running, lost 40 lbs., wrote a book and revived a crumbling marriage. His perspective and history of results are laser focused in this podcast to bring to light exactly how to get massive results when marketing to women.  It was such a delight recording this podcast and I'm so happy to provide you with the valuable information that Clint provides in this interview. Clint Arthur on the Guerrilla Marketing to Women Podcast with Wendy Stevens

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