013: Helping Others Become the Personal-Best Version of Themselves with Michael “Hutch” Hutchison

Michael Hutch on Guerrilla Marketing to Women podcast with Wendy Stevens As Founder and CEO of 2infinity, “Hutch” embraces a personal philosophy and company mission that is complementary: to help others overcome their financial scarcity, increase their income and become the personal-best versions of themselves. “Hutch” is an entrepreneur, author, investor and financial advocate. He has an industry-wide reputation of credibility and leadership. He was the host of Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.’s web TV small business talk show called CredibilityLive. Hutch believes banking, securities laws and the financial industry need positive disruption. Hutch knows firsthand that small businesses desperately need access to capital. As a solution, he is an investor in several startups including ConductorLive MySuperLabGenalytix and CommunityLeader, an equity based crowdfunding platform. He also realizes that financial services suffer from serious incentive problems. Earning rewards for using a credit card encourages you to — Amazing! — use your credit card too much. Hutch believes that “referral commerce” and “branch-free” banking are the future. Hutch believes that creating a lucrative opportunity through word-of-mouth (WoM) referral marketing can change families and their legacy for the better. That’s why he founded 2infinity. He is the author of Stop It! 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Relationship Marketing Company and Speaking Mastery: 7 Keys to Delivering High Impact Presentations. His personal blog: Make Things Happen can be found at www.michaelhutch.com. He is passionate about helping individuals become the personal-best version of themselves and achieving a measurable increase in wealth. Outside of 2infinity, Hutch is a dedicated father, athlete and volunteer.

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In this episode we’ll discover:

  • What Inspired Him to Face his Fears and Fly From The East Coast to California
  • How His Transformational Relationship Began with Tony Robbins Back in 1986
  • The Main Role Hutchison Played in Marketing For the Team

Change The Name | Change the Product | Bring an Excellent Team

  • Why Talent Acquisition was so Important to Massive Success
  • How They Put it All on the Line and Found Themselves $750,000 in Debt
  • The Process They Used to Build a Huge Sales Force
  • The Purpose of Hutch's New Vision for a Free Financial Future for America
  • The Importance of Reaching out to a Coach to Grow a Business and Take Your Life to the Next Level
  • And so much more!

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